Customer Success Manager - Shipping

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK - Senior - Customer Support

About us:
CitizenShipper is a share-economy shipping and transportation marketplace that connects people who want something delivered with drivers who can actually do the delivery. As a marketplace, we focus mainly on helping pet owners find a transporter for their pets and so far we’ve helped thousands of pet owners reunite with their pets. Anyone can sign up as a driver, and search for shipments (usually long distance) on our site. People transport just about anything using CitizenShipper, but pets are extremely popular.

We are seeking a professional, hard-working and optimistic individual to assist us with a wide range of tasks relating to supporting our customers on their shipping journey.

  • Our team is international
  • Everyone works remotely (from home)
  • We have a “minimum meetings” culture
  • We’re still growing, and you have a lot of room to grow with us

About you:
We are looking for a tech-savvy self-starter with an excellent work ethic, organizational, and strong written communication skills. You have experience working in a startup or other fast-paced environment.

You will also have:

  • 3+ years of Customer Success/Support experience in a SaaS company required.
  • Broad experience with customer support products and technologies.
  • Experience working with high-profile accounts and advising on overall support needs and statuses
  • Problem-solver who understands how to work with a variety of stakeholders throughout the customer journey
  • The ability to be a self-starter that anticipates requests and can quickly pivot between tasks
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills, taking a consultative approach to find the best solution
  • High level of intuition and the ability to prioritize tasks independently

As well as:

  • You are based in North America.
  • You are great at talking to frustrated customers and helping people is your hobby
  • Educate and empower our customers to become better users of CitizenShipper
  • Own the customer experience and work to exceed their expectations. We want to treat our customers as if you would treat a guest in your own home
  • Proactively look for solutions to problems and propose improvements if something could work better
  • Proactively provide feedback to internal teams that help to improve CitizenShipper and create a better customer experience

What you’ll do:

  • Provide a delightful experience for the shipping customer.
  • Be the face for the ‘first message’ to shippers. Set up a system to enable one-on-one calls, webinars, video chats, SMS messages with customers. Be there to answer any and all questions relating to drivers, the platform, the driver selection process, payments, pet preparation, and any other pieces of information that accomplish this mission of this role.
  • OWN the role. Create a task list and interact/collaborate with all team members to bring the mission into reality.
  • Take responsibility for reviewing customer feedback (currently on the dashboard, but nobody has ownership over reviewing the feedback and addressing what comes up). Take this feedback and proactively communicate this with the product/marketing/support team to suggest changes.
  • Take ownership of the metric “I need to book a transporter” and understand the mismatch between those who say they need a transporter vs the actual match rate (currently about 40% and 20%). Find out why this mismatch exists, and suggest changes to minimize bring these numbers closer together.
  • Take ownership of the content of our emails/SMS messages to customers. Report on numbers, and experiment with messaging improvements.
  • Collect qualitative data on reasons why our customers aren’t booking drivers
  • Process customer SMS responses and think of a system to address their most common feedback
  • Arrange customer onboarding phone calls and develop a similar set of resources that we have created for drivers (like videos, tutorials, etc.)